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A hundred thousand welcomes to Highland Clans online store.  We aim to provide you with the finest quality merchandise, the like of which was readily available a hundred years ago, but which is now very hard to find.  We shall continue to add products as and when we can find skilled craftsmen to create them.  If there is a related product that you would like that we do not yet offer, please contact us.  We may already have development in the pipeline! 

Highland Dress Outfits
Complete Highland Dress kilt outfits
Mens Bespoke
Pride and craftsmanship go into these items - each one specially tailored to your own measurements. Why look like a penguin when you can dress as elegantly as Bonnie Prince Charlie!

Highland Clans Kilts, Jackets, Doublets and Trews are normally top of the range made-to-measure items produced by skilled craftsmen in the heart of Scotland.

Highland Clans offer an extensive range of made-to-measure Jackets and Doublets in Tweed, Barathea, Velvet, Tartan and Fleece. As we make them to order the options in terms of style are too numerous to list. We can even copy an old favourite. We have copied 19th Century Jackets that have simply worn out - and in some cases even copied the silver heraldic buttons.

Highland Clans specialise in top quality hand-stitched kilts made by skilled craftsmen in the heart of Scotland from 100% Pure New Wool. We offer the full range of tartans from the leading Scottish Mills and can weave any tartan that you like - new or old - in light, medium or heavy weight. Our kilts can be pleated to the sett in the traditional manner or pleated to the stripe in the military manner. We can even take the military style a stage further and add rosettes in the style of the Black Watch.

Highland Clans offer a variety of tartan trousers and trews ranging from the classic military style trews with a single seam on the inside leg and fishtail waist, to modern golfing trousers or even plus fours.

Everything from tartan hose to silver buckles for your shoe. Now you have no excuse for wearing white hose! Our dirks, sgian dubhs, belts and buckles are of a superb quality and are likely to be treasured by your heirs and successors. Some can be personalised with your initials or crest.
Beautifully tailored tartan skirts, from full length to minis!
Highland Clans supply over 1,700 tartans in various weights and shades from stock for over three hundred different clan or district "setts" or patterns. Most of this cloth is kilting fabric which has the traditional kilt selvedge. For curtain or dressmaking we can also supply a range of 500 tartans from stock. These are marginally cheaper as they are manufactured on modern high speed looms - but our kiltmaker insists that the selvedge is not as suitable for kilts.

We can also supply virtually any of the 4,000 tartans registered with The Scottish Tartan Authority apart from one or two modern ones which are copyright protected. This cloth is specially woven on an old loom that provides the old selvedge required for the traditional kilt.
Many can be personalised with your own initials, clan or personal crest. Some items will even take a full coat of arms.
Kilt Making
Canvas, Lining and buckles for the home kilt-maker